Sunday, March 11, 2007

Personal life

Diaz has publicly admitted she is deeply germophobic and habitually rubs doorknobs so hard before opening doors to clean them that the original paint on the doorknobs fades afterwards. Along with her floors, she says, she washes her hands “many times” each day and uses her elbows to push open doors. “I’m not scared of germs. I’m just aware of them,” Diaz says. “I’m not into other people’s fluids unless I know them really well.”

Diaz is appearing in an ad campaign on Japanese television for SoftBank: October/November 2006. Diaz also supports small west London football club Brentford FC after visiting a Hollywood cafe owned by a Brentford supporter.

In 2004, a commercial S&M video of Diaz and another girl torturing a man leaked to the Internet. She made the video when she was 19. Diaz filed a suit against the Russian Internet site that distributed the video, but the video file is now distributed by many porn sites and Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

Diaz has been vocal in her opposition to U.S. President George W. Bush. Before 2000’s election (on October 26 to be exact), Diaz wore a shirt that said “I WON’T VOTE FOR A SON OF A BUSH!” while promoting Charlie’s Angels on MTV’s Total Request Live.[citation needed] During an Oprah appearance before 2004’s election, Diaz said “Women have so much to lose… I mean, we could lose the right to our bodies. If you think rape should be legal then don’t vote. But if you think you have a right to your body and you have a right to say what happens to you and fight off that danger of losing that, then you should vote.”

Diaz also publicly talks about dealing with stress and says her favorite way to relax is to have sex; adding “Sex is the most amazing stress reliever…I actually think it’s the best thing for everything”.

Diaz received “substantial” libel damages from suing American Media Incoporated, after The National Enquirer had claimed she was cheating on her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

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